TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 80 – Mud Off-Roading

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 80 – Mud Off-Roading

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 80 – Mud Off-Roading.
The Toyota Land Cruiser 80 is a legendary off-road SUV produced from 1990 to 1997. It features rugged body-on-frame construction and is powered by various engines, including a 4.0L I6 or a 4.5L V8.
The Land Cruiser 80 is equipped with 4WD, making it capable of tackling tough terrain with ease. The interior is functional and spacious, with room for up to eight passengers.

Despite its age, the Land Cruiser 80 has a reputation for being incredibly reliable and has a strong following among off-road enthusiasts. With its tough build and impressive off-road capabilities, the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 is an iconic SUV that is sure to impress. And in the video, you are going to be impressed. Until he gets himself in a bit of a sticky situation and needed help from his friend to pull him thru a slippery track. And it was very messy, not going to lie it seems impossible to pass in that environment.

The video is posted by Off-Road Control, so make sure to check out their channel for more content, I’m sure that you will be trapped there for hours and still won’t be enough. Also check out our Instagram channel 4wheelmuscle for more content.


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