Nissan Titan – Mud challenge

Nissan Titan – Mud challenge

Nissan Titan – Mud challenge.
Off-road challenges are one of my favourites to watch and sometimes do. But you should always consider the dangers and consequences if you ever decide to try it out. Always make sure that your vehicle is prepared and equipped with proper gear and be vigilant of the surrounding. Make sure that there aren’t a few hidden rocks, holes and branches that can cause serious damage to the vehicle.

In this case we have a Nissan Titan and a bold owner who decides to test his machine in a mud pond. But by the looks of it, he didn’t have the proper tires to do a successful crossing. As you will notice at least he didn’t take a huge risk, like I said be aware of the surroundings and expect the unexpected. He did the challenge at the edge of the pond, and he probably knew that it could be a lot deeper than it appeared. And he was right, if he did it straight thru, his mighty Titan would have been a mighty life raft.

But that doesn’t change the fact that he overestimated his gear, the tires weren’t fit for such terrain. They didn’t have enough grip to drag that beast thru that slippery pond. Thankfully the momentum from the acceleration pushed the vehicle at the finish line, but it’s where his problems began. Enjoy the video and you be the judge of it all.

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